Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Medford, NJ

We’re Here to Answer You!

It’s true that better oral health can come from knowing more about your teeth and gums. From why it’s important to see a dentist twice a year to when you should replace your toothbrush and much more, you can make better decisions about your oral healthcare needs when you’re better informed. We’ve compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked dental questions from our Medford, NJ dentistry patients. Feel free to review them below and call us if you have any questions.

How often should I see a dentist?

It is recommended that you visit your dentist every six months (or twice a year) for regular checkups and cleanings. This allows us to eliminate bad oral bacterial accumulations and minimizes the chances of worsening oral health conditions in the future. Early detection is key when it comes to tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer.

Do you see children at your dental office?

Yes! We are happy to welcome patients of all ages. Even the youngest smiles deserve high-quality dental care, so you and your children can expect to receive the same great services all under one roof. We even offer kid-friendly services designed to detect, improve, and protect growing and developing teeth.

Should I still seek treatment if my toothache goes away?

Yes, you should plan to see us even if your toothache pain goes away. There is a possibility it might be nothing; however, it is also possible that a more serious issue exists beneath the surface. Only with the help of digital X-rays and a thorough examination can we determine if a problem remains and if so, what we need to do to treat it.

How can I replace a missing tooth?

There are three ways you can replace a missing tooth: a dental bridge, partial denture, or dental implant. While the first two options are viable, dental implants lend superior results and can last 30+ years or more with regular care and maintenance. With these unique posts, we can ensure optimal functionality, stability, and longevity.

Are you available for emergency appointments?

Yes, our dental office is pleased to provide weekend dental emergency appointments. We know not all accidents occur throughout the week or during regular working hours. This is why you can count on us to provide immediate care when you call to alert us to your situation. We’ll work quickly to get you in, provide immediate relief, and formulate a plan to address the underlying issue.

Will you accept my dental insurance?

We are pleased to be a dental insurance-friendly dental office that is in-network with many plans. Our team will ask which provider you use and quickly get to work to identify ways you can save. We’ll work on your behalf, if necessary, to get you the answers you need while also, removing the stress of paperwork by handling all claims filing.